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Synthetic Turf Field Rules

Rules Players/Team Official/Match Officials

• Only molded boots can be worn. 

- Full blades can increase the risk of injury and are not recommended. 

- Metal Tags are not permitted

- Coaches, Managers and any officials must wear Boots to enter the field  - No Boots no entry


• Boots/footwear need to be clean i.e. devoid of all mud, dirt, grass, chewing gum etc. Entry to the fields will be delayed if boots need to be cleaned. Please ensure boots are cleaned prior to arrival at Caboolture Sports FC. Boot brushes provided must be used.


 • Only water is permitted to be consumed on the fields. ALL other drinks and ALL food must be consumed in the change rooms or the spectator areas. 


• Spitting and nasal passage secretions are PROHIBITED. Chewing gum is also prohibited.


• If the ball goes over the fences, please do NOT jump the fence to retrieve as contaminants will be brought onto the field upon your return to the field. 


Spectators are not permitted on the fields. Please do not enter or jump the fences. • Cold, hot drinks and great food menu will be available from our canteen in the main building (for games). 


• Toilets and hot showers are available in the allocated change room. 


• Additional facilities are available in northern main building. 


• NO dogs are permitted at Caboolture Sports FC. 


• Smoking is NOT permitted at Caboolture Sports Football Club except in the car park. Our First Aid room will have a stretcher and supply of ice if required. 



Players, team officials and match officials, if allocated, are to enter the field via nominated Gate. Sufficient time must be allowed to process through the boot/footwear checking and wiping area.


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