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CSFC Newsletter December 2019

A message from the president

Hello Football Family, Members and fellow Volunteers.

What a season 2019 turned out to be!

I would like to start off by saying how impressed I am and proud to be a member and President of this great club Caboolture Sports Football Club. This club has been my home for the past 12 years and each year I grow more passionate which I feel is due to the members and volunteers we have who share my passion to put the most in for us all to reap the benefits. This year we have had so many great volunteers return and gained some real gems in the process. Once again, we had an awesome influx of coaches and Managers, devoting their time to their teams and advancing our kids skills, providing fun and enthusiasm into the game that we all enjoy. I thank you all for the giving this to our kids, it is very heart-warming to walk around the grounds during training sessions and weekend game days to see the kids out there on the pitch having a great time and trying out their newfound skills. Congratulations to all our teams, from Mini Roos to Junior Competitive to our senior teams and we can’t forget the social teams on their achievements throughout the year, we had so many teams hit great results and they found many rewards for their effort they continuously put in. Our Senior Men’s and Women’s team and staff and in particular Terry Jones and Nathan Walker who lead their respective teams, thank you for being there and supporting the club giving our juniors someone to look up to and know where they are going in their Football career. Thank you for putting on the junior training sessions, I know our mini’s and junior’s love the opportunity this provides. And then behind the scenes…. Stuart Curtis, Lyn Spnovic, Prue Aranovitch, Gary Tarr, Dave Moore, Andrew Davies, Mario, Chris Worthington, Ian Symes, Sam Torres, Canteen Staff and Julie our Canteen Conveynor, volunteers who put their hand up when asked over Facebook and I am sorry I may have missed a few, there are many great volunteers in this club. Special thanks to those who have joined us this year taking on some of the big jobs and their highlights that I think should not go unmentioned, Mini Roos, we were led by Kissty this year who was persistent in ensuring all communication was received and understood by her teams. I know she felt at times the pressure that we all do but your effort Kissty, paid off and we all together ran one of the greatest mini roos programs I have witnessed.

Jonelle also has done an amazing job with Facebook, the posts, the communication to the community/members/coaches/managers/ volunteers and the numerous chats.

Petrina, your dedication to the uniforms was not an easy task when suppliers weren’t supplying but you pulled together with what you could and went above and beyond.

And then in walked Melissa to do some photos (well so she thought that was all ) and then some trophies and then with helping Kissty, you did a top job and we won’t be letting you go. A huge thank you to our sponsors, they are also keen to support our club and our community. We are very grateful to Caboolture Sports Club for their continued support to bring the best football to our community and would not as a community Football club achieve half as much as we do, thank you Kelvin Patch, Tony Clark and the team!! To the club executives who started this year and got us into our amazing facility, Brendan, Mark and Dwayne I thank you hugely and hope to make you all proud while you come down and enjoy the games and events. To the Executive team that has come in, Brad, Andrew, Michele and Lisa with your support we will continue on with the work of the great teams before us, thank you. As we look to 2020, I see great things coming and cannot wait to share this all with you but for now enjoy your Christmas break and we will see you all in the new year for an even better 2020 season! Paul Shorter President Caboolture Sports Football Club


A message from our Vice President


The final quarter of the year is almost behind us and Christmas is just around the corner, CSFC new executive committee was established in September, we have all been extremely busy since then and we would like to thank you for your tremendous support and look forward to steering our fabulous club, with your continued encouragement and ideas into 2020 and beyond. I would like to just take a moment to highlight some of our hard-working committee and volunteer’s achievements.

• Welcoming a General Manager to ensuring our clubs success.

• Sponsorship – new signings & resigning of some wonderful new local businesses for 2020

• Continuation to fund raise money for people within our Community

• Hosting and bringing to our community

  • The Schools National Competition

  • Indigenous Football Carnival

  • Ross Alloisi football Clinic

  • A Fantastic Summer Football Comp

• End of Season Presentation evenings in house in our club house

• Continuing to fit out our new facility with pallet rack shelving for the equipment shed

• Purchasing Gazebos for members shade areas

• Thanks to the bar and canteen workers, staff and Volunteers for feeding the 1000’s of happy customers every weekend and at all the functions.

• Appointing of a new Head Coach for our Brisbane Premier League Team

• Appointing of a new Head Coach for our Women Capital 1 Team

• Exciting new player signing and re-signing of talented Men and Women for the 2020 season

• New mobile friendly Website was created and launched

• 100’s of Social Media post were created to keep our members informed at all times

• Appointing of all Junior competitive coaches, managers and organisers, who also have been working hard with setting up trials for 2020

• Organising a Massive influx of new player’s registrations for trials for 2020

• Creation of a special needs football program

• Working closely with Caboolture Sports Club to adhere to all governance requirements

• Involved in the Toy Drive organised by Michele Rigger - helping kids in our community

It’s been a busy time for our committee and volunteers, I am so proud of all the projects we have been able to complete in such a short period of time, this is all possible due to our community of helpers who donate countless hours per week, weeknights, weekdays and weekends, to sit in on executive and general meetings, then take away ideas and work on them to create the wonderful events that enrich our football community.

Coming up next… Completion of the Summer Football Comp, organising player, coaches and managers for Football Brisbane registrations, team selections, pre-season training, Mini Roo Muster, budgets, purchasing uniforms and equipment and all the other things required to kick off the new year.


On behalf of our committee, we would like to wish you all a relaxing and fun holiday season, have a Happy Christmas, please stay safe, Players stay fit and we want to see you all back in the new year at Caboolture Sports Football Club.

Sincerely, yours in Football,

Andrew Aranovitch

Vice President CSFC


Registrations for 2020 Season

Registrations open on the 2nd of January 2020, please Click here for more details

MiniRoo’s Wrap

What a great 2019 season our Mini Roo’s had, we were fortunate to have over 40 teams for our 50th year of football at Caboolture FC.

We had our teams participate in the weekly draws against other clubs as well as teams join in on exhibition games on Saturday nights. One of the most rewarding things for myself was to be apart of such a great club who really supported our players and one thing that stood out was the support they had for Locky.

Looking forward to being apart of our upcoming 2020 season.


Mini Roo’s

Managers Co-Ordinator

An Introduction to our 2020 Sponsors

Our GM has been working with our existing and new sponsors to come on-board for 2020. We are very thankful that our community is there to support our club. Please support them when ever possible



17th December 2019

Santa is Coming to CSFC -

  • 6.45pm

  • Meet the BYPL Men & Capital 1 Women

  • Bring all the kids

  • Photo Opportunity with Santa

  • Lollies, fun etc

21st December 2019

June Auld Memorial Christmas Shield

  • A.J Kelly Park Redcliffe

  • 6pm - BPL Men V Pen Power

  • Including a special Visit from Santa

  • Last game of the 2019 Season


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