President's Welcome

President  Dwayne  Sayers

President: Dwayne Sayers

Hello Everyone,

Well the 2018 season is done and dusted.

Congratulations to all our mini roo teams, we have so many great people involved in this area of the club. Even

still after being involved in the club for over 25 years, my highlight of the week is to watch our under 6 to under

11 year old teams in action on a Saturday morning.

Congratulations to our junior boys and girl’s competitive teams in what I must say was a fantastic season.

Congratulations to our over 35 & 45 teams, our fantastic city men’s team and my new favourite, the city women’s

team, they add to what is great about our club!

Congratulations to Terry for guiding our very young senior women’s team through the 2018 capital one women’s

competition, a promising future lies ahead with our group of talented young women.

Congratulations to Nathan and the club’s Capital One team for being promoted to the Football Brisbane premier

league for the 2019 season, what an outstanding achievement. Who would of have thought 10 years ago when

I started the senior programme and then four years ago, gaining entry into the Football Brisbane competition we

would be where we are right now, amazing!

A massive thank you to our sponsors, they all help with what we are trying to achieve and without their support

we would struggle. A big shout out to Kelvin Patch, Tony Clarke and the team at the Caboolture Sports Club for

their continued support.

Now with our era of being based at grant road over, we start a new chapter in the proud history of Caboolture

sports FC as we accommodate our brand new facility in 2019. What a feeling it will be for all the kids to be part of

history as they are the first players to run onto what will be the best ground in Brisbane. We will be the envy of

the football community, and it will be our kids at our club that are the benefactors of this fantastic facility.

I must say a massive thanks to the club volunteer coaches and team managers, something a community based

club requires every year.

A massive thank you to our very popular technical director and head of football, Paul Arnison, what he has and is

achieving in our football department is astonishing, something our club will benefit from for years to come.

I now need to thank a special group of volunteers that have roles in general football operations department

from Stuart Curtis, Prue Aranovitch, Lyn Spnovic, Paula Dutton, Danielle Mildwaters to Gary Tarr, Dave Moore,

Paul Shorter, Mick Butler, Andrew Aranovitch and Andy Greenwood, to Andrew Davies, Mario, Andre Spnovic, Ant

Satori, Chris Worthington, Andrew Giesemann and I am sure I have missed a couple for which I am sorry for.

To my fellow club executives, Brendan, Lisa, Michelle and Mark, a massive year and a massive thank you

as I have said before, the majority of our great members don’t realise the amount of work goes on behind the


A huge thanks to Mark Barnett, what he has achieved in bringing our club this fantastic new facility is simply

amazing, the club will move forward into our 50th year in 2019 so very proud.

Thanks to Caboolture Cricket for preparing our fields at grant road for the last 20 years.

In closing, our club faces new challenges now, with running a full time facility, now and more than ever we need a

strong team of volunteers, so if you know someone that would be able to join our wonderful team of volunteers,

please get them to contact to the club.

We will all look forward to 2019 season!

Enjoy the ever shortening off season and see you next year!


Dwayne Sayers


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